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Five Lakes Law Group is a debt relief law firm focused on providing cost-effective legal representation to consumers experiencing financial hardship.

We will work to help you achieve the best possible outcome and savings for your unique situation. Throughout your debt relief journey, you’ll receive ongoing professional support from our licensed attorneys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our program helps clients secure better terms from their creditors.

We can help you:

  1. Reduce the overall amount you owe
  2. Resolve debt more quickly than you would by yourself
  3. Avoid the downfalls of bankruptcy and costly minimum payments

Creditors know that those experiencing financial hardship may never be able to pay their debt or decide to declare bankruptcy. Our attorneys give creditors and consumers an alternative to bankruptcy that is in everyone’s best interest.

Having a law firm in your corner during your financial hardship provides you with legal representation, attorney oversight and a stronger stance that most debt resolution programs cannot offer on their own.

Our attorneys have the industry experience necessary to support you during your debt settlement journey. Ongoing legal support ensures that your program goes smoothly throughout every phase of the program.

We may be able to help slow down or assist in settling a lawsuit if you are sued during your debt resolution program. We provide pro se legal document drafting and attorney assistance at no additional cost to all of our clients.

If you believe you are the victim of wrongful conduct by a debt collector, call us right away. We can help you determine what actions can be taken to achieve the best possible outcome.

Diverting your creditor payments during debt resolution creates the leverage necessary to resolve your debts, but it can also temporarily impact your FICO score.

Making your creditors wait for payment encourages them to lock in new terms and agreements that will give you the best outcome like lower monthly payments and long-term savings.

Throughout the process, you are the one in control — not your creditors. The faster you complete your program, the faster you can work to improve your overall creditworthiness.